Terms and Conditions

Before you select us to be your sole representatives, you must complyon a few terms and conditions also called a contract to adhere to our policies. The parties at both end must agree to each of others demands. The party disclosing information may be called as the disclosing party and meanwhile the one receiving all information may be the receiving party.The terms and conditions that are needed to be agreed upon are as follows:

Pricing and Cost

As we already mentioned the two levels of pricing packages that are being offered according to the video you want to be made. So pricing solely depends on what package you select.

Delivery Timelines

There is a fixed timeline to complete the project, which is 4-6 weeks.

Payment Terms

Payment is made in two parts. 50% at the beginning and 50% at the end of the Project completion.


Both parties must keep all confidential information up to each other according to the agreement. It does not create any rights to partnership or joint venture between the two.

Project Cancellation

The party has an option to terminate the project only if the party is not contacted by startup videoz within the 5 days of its date assigned.


When a client demands for a refund, he may need to apply for a refund according to the Refund Policy given.


If any establishment of this Agreement is said to illegal, hence its invalidity will not affect other deliverables of the agreement. It may be amended or modified only if there is a written and signed statement given by the part representative.

Governing Law

All rights and obligations are following the laws of United Stated of America without any regard to any conflict of law principles.