Refund Policy

We believe in serving our customers according to their requirements so that no chances of complaints are left. We make sure that each of our video goes through all the stages before the final product is delivered. And we try our maximum to include customer participation in all these phases starting from the Starter Phase to Testing so that the final video is designed according to what you ordered.

Payments are only refunded if there is a mistake on our part. For instance, when we fail to deliver your product, or when we don’t deliver what you ordered and instead send the incorrect product, or something that doesn’t completely fulfil your standard of requirements. In such conditions, when the video is not according to your selected theme, animated reference or colours. Refund policy Is also accepted when our team doesn’t interconnect with you in 5 days after the transaction is received. It’s your sole right to ask for the refund policy if we don’t satisfy you somehow or if any of the above condition is met.

Payments cannot be refunded only in cases when your order is complete, error free and delivered accordingly. You can always ask for revisions until you are absolutely satisfied with our services and we give you all rights to complain and ask for any amendments during the video making process.